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i did some looking through CR's research.......
Mazda 3, doesn't achieve EPA MPG, looks pretty close to Impreza overall

Ford Focus SFE also does not, looks pretty close to Impreza overall

Chevy Cruze ECO is close, but still falls below EPA, looks pretty close to Impreza overall

Toyota Corolla i close as well, but definitely DOES NOT exceed EPA, does beat the impreza, but i would expect that as it is rated higher

Honda Civic also short, and all across the board

Mitsubishi Lancer same story as the rest, impreza wipes the floor with it

Mazda 2 is pretty close to EPA, beats impreza, but same story as Corolla

Honda fit does exceed epa,

and our Impreza, they have not tested in a 150mile trip so you can't really compare

so, looking at all these and others which are all similar, the EPA testing is flawed, and as I have been stating the ENTIRE THREAD, you can't trust it, you can't look at it as a guarantee, it is just a guideline and nothing more. I never expected to achieve EPA MPG at 75, and I don't, I am close enough, but not there. like any car out there if you want to achieve the numbers you have to drive closer to the EPA average speed and Use ethanol free fuel.

you really have no case for warranty or a lawsuit.

am I am happy with my choice, i am willing to take a 10% hit in MPG for better driveability
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