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Default OEM Exhaust Gasket Part Numbers with Diagram

Recently I had to purchase all the exhaust gaskets for a project on my 02 wagon. I was able to piece together the part numbers from info here and there but never found it all in one post.

Below is a diagram I edited with the gasket part numbers and a brief description. I'll be first to say that yes I am am using descriptions and other info that others wrote. If you want credit just let me know and I will be more than happy to edit my post and give credit where it's due. I hope others find this collection of info helpful.

Now on to the info.

14038AA000 - Exhaust Manifold Gaskets. Aftermarket gaskets are normally sold in pairs.

44022AA160* - Crossover pipe gaskets. The Subaru OEM gaskets are actually different part numbers on each side of the pipe. The drivers side is 44022AA160 and the passenger side is 44011FA020 (passenger side has an extra tab on it). With that said it's well known that 44022AA160 can be used on both sides w/o any issues. When purchasing aftermarket gaskets (such as Grimmspeed) they are usually sold as a pair and both look like 44022AA160 (without the tab). I'm not sure why the passengers side gasket has the extra tab on but if someone can explain I'll edit in the info.

44022AA170 - Collective header to Uppipe gasket.

44022AA150 - Uppipe to turbo inlet gasket.

44022AA180 - Turbo outlet to Downpipe gasket.

44011FE000 - Gasket used between the Downpipe and the Midpipe located just after the front catalytic converter.

- Graphite doughnut gasket. Used between the Midpipe and the Rear Exhaust Pipe. Note: this part number replaced 44022AA122.

- Gasket used between the Rear Exhaust Pipe and the Muffler

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