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Originally Posted by RALLYT-WRX View Post
I for one will be picking up an XT as soon as they are released stateside. I could really care less about the non-proven CVT at this point, if it breaks I have a warranty to take care of all that. Anything is better than the God awful 4 speed that's in our 2011 Fozzy. That damn thing never seems to be in the correct gear, it's so annoying.
It can be indecisive if you think it's like other automatics these days which usually have 5 or more gears. The 4EAT can flop on it's face if you treat it like it's a 5-6 geared transmission. I honestly don't mind it as much since I'm always in sport mode (automatic shift mode) or I let mine red line if needed (go down a gear and let the system shift up at red line with WOT).

The CVT is definitely going to be helpful to me since my daily commute and living area is filled with hills even on the highway. Now it just won't have to get down to 2nd or 3rd gear just to climb a hill. I'm hoping the paddle shifters have a quick response. Sometimes in the current generation if you shift near red line from 1st you'll get bumped to 3nd because the system was already shifting into 2nd. ;D Complete power sap. Other than that I'm too interested in the 2014 USDM Subaru Forester to care about what all of these other people are complaining about. I've always loved the Subaru Forester.
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