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Originally Posted by stevehnm
You are still confused. I will take your links and post the relevant numbers here. In the case of multiple tests, I will take the one on the right, which is the most current. The first column is the Consumer Reports (independent) Highway figure. The second is the alleged EPA (by Subaru) highway figure. The third is the ratio of the CR to the EPA figures. You will notice they are all over 1, except the Impreza. In fact, when compared to the ratio of the others in the field (of your choice) The Impreza is *over 2 standard deviations* below the field.

Mazda 3 34 29 1.17
Focus 39 37 1.05
Cruze 40 39 1.03
Corolla 39 35 1.11
Civic HF 49 39 1.26
Lancer 28 25 1.12
Mazda 2 40 35 1.14
Honda Fit 39 35 1.11
Impreza 35 36 0.97
I am not confused, none of those cars achieve their epa mileage in independent testing. I don't think you even posted the right epa numbers because I'm pretty sure w/o looking that the Mazda 3 is rated at 40mpg highway.

Either way, I believe the testing is flawed, and always has been flawed. I never expect to achieve epa numbers unless I keep the speed below 65 which I rarely do, so I accept the lower mpg because I understand drag must be overcome and I am going to use more fuel to save some time.
On my normal commute if I were to leave 10 minutes earlier I could drive at 65 and get 15% better mpg, but right now with my schedule it isn't possible, maybe in the future.

Right now with temps around 20f i'm seeing an additional loss of 10% until the entire drivetrain is warmed up, again to be expected with 2 differentials and a transfer case to warm up plus the transmission.

So I am confused on the point you are trying to make because:

1. Car does get epa at 60-65mph
2. Epa testing is not realistic, especially when they don't account for wind/hills and use a social blend of fuel consumers cannot buy
3. All of the independent testing by CR does almost every vehicle does not achieve epa estimates.
4. Subaru didn't game at the numbers, especially when other manufacturers are in the same boat with estimates vs real world.
5. Estimates are never guarantees, you fall w/in the expected range you were told to expect. I bet if you brought your car to where they do the testing you would get closer to the big bold numbers.
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