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Originally Posted by stevehnm View Post
First, the Mazda 3 numbers depend on the engine. Apparently the latest test on the Mazda was not with the "SkyActiv" system but I went with the last test, as I said.

1. Car gets EPA mileage at *under* 60 mph under real driving conditions. That is a dangerous speed to be driving on a highway full of 75 mph traffic.

2. I agree EPA testing is not realistic, however, many brands can in fact achieve their highway EPA test results at 70 to 75 mph - it's just that the Impreza is nowhere close.

3. False

4. Misleading, as other manufacturers exceed EPA estimates when tested *independently* by Consumer Reports. It would take a severe stroke of genius and dishonesty to achieve the EPA results accurately considering the real life mpg figures (again, with the cvt which you don't have so you have no business in this discussion anyway).

5. Over 2 standard deviations below the distribution of the competition, as chosen by you, is much more meaningful in terms of reality than your dogma.

Give it up. You look more and more ridiculous every day. Just admit you were wrong. It's not that big a deal. Everybody is wrong sometimes.
i just looked at the CR city/highway numbers again. they get 35mpg (at 65mph, out of the Impreza, only 1 below EPA estimated. apparently you suck at driving and life. good luck with you lawsuit, you will get laughed out of court when you bring up CR and the fact that they can pretty much achieve EPA estimated
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