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Originally Posted by derek2011wrx View Post
It's actually driving on stock trans and motor at the moment. My shop and I wanted to get the turbo kit developed and perfected first so they could market it. I'm currently debating on whether or not to stroke a new motor out to 2.7 and as far as trans goes I'm doing ppg straight cut 1-4. We still have some work to do with the fuel system also. The 465 doesn't fit all that well in the stock housing, even modified, so we might do full blown's dual 255 setup. Once we figure out the pump situation I can get her on the dyno and see how much the stock motor and trans can handle
honestly dont stroke it out to 2.7.

i think you would have more fun if you went with maxwell power services 2.3l block, with built heads you can rev that to sub 9k redlines and with twinscroll that will be one of the funnest subarus ever.

just check this out, that power band is unreal, and you have twinscroll so itll be even better.

if i kept my sti a 2.3l is what i was planning on. i think its better to make slighlty less power and hold it all the way till 9k than to spool at 4500 and hold that to sub 7k then drop out of boost when you shift again i never understood people slapping on 35r's or bigger and then having tiny power bands that aren't usefull until 100+ mph
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