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Originally Posted by rb64 View Post
The SOA order situation is totally absurd and frustrating. I ordered an Impreza Premium, Manual, no options, on 8/14/12. I've been in touch with the dealer, and made periodic calls to SOA to get some idea what exactly is happening with the order. The most information anyone could provide was "car shows November delivery", although not anymore specific than that. Yesterday, I received an email from my dealer, saying the car order is now showing "Hold". The salesperson tried to explain that SOA had changed the way they allocate orders and this has something to do with what the dealers "produce". I'm afraid I didn't understand. I called SOA this morning, and they said they don't know anything, and so they called the sales manager at the dealership? SOA calls me back, and says basically, on one knows anything about the car. The SOA representative couldn't tell me what placing the order on "hold" meant, and he also commented that probably the car wasn't built yet. Everyone has been polite and courteous, but it is amazing that no one has any specific information. If there was another similar car option out there, I'd definitely be leaving Subaru. They certainly have built no loyalty from me, just the opposite.
I have exactly the same issue in Spokane, WA (Appleway Subaru Dealer). Dealer and SoA both say my order is on hold but no exact reason why. I did call SoA again today and at this point they are willing to compensate me for my wait based on the time of arrival for my car. As some know I ordered 8/9/12. So the longer I have to wait the more the compensation I would be allowed (At least I get something for my troubles and its very nice and professional for them to do that). SoA said they will figure out compensation when I get a VIN with delivery date. Compensation will be in the form of either paying for accessories or letting me add accessories (I don't have) on at no charge. So while it's not ideal and the SoA person said I might have to wait until December and perhaps January they will make it right.

My suggestion for anyone else in my situation is to call SoA, be polite and ask for the same compensation. SoA as most know are now telling dealers 16 weeks of waiting until car hits port. They told us guys in the start closer to 6-10 weeks like they did me. I've waited a total of 14 weeks so far. Hopefully my car comes in soon!
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