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Originally Posted by gdoggmoney View Post
Hey subi400. We bought the car at 40k used. It had oxidized oil inside of it, a decent coating. I moved it to mobil 1 because it was cheap at costco. I assume the previous owner used some dino oil that was prone to leaving that nice brown layer of oxidized burnt oil on the internals.

Mobil 1 5w30 does seem to turn into water in this car, the same all mobil 1 oils seemed to do in my 3076R 1.8T Jetta.

I had no issues in my Jetta with total 5w40, I was going to give that a try next oil change to see how the EJ253 likes it. I did some searching (GASP SEARCHING WITH A LOW POST COUNT!!! OMG) and it seems you guys prefer the rotella.

The plug wire thing, I actually ripped it myself removing it and then reinstalled it to see what would happen. I thought it was funny I had no misfires but the car would obviously lose spark sometimes and other times have weak combustion events(you could feel it especially near idle), but nothing in the ECU.

I've done marvel mystery oil mixes in super high mileage cars, about 1/2qt and under 3000rpm driving. It does well melting the gunk out, but it does thin the oil some. I usually add 1qt right before an oil change and put around below 3k in this 07 2.5i, it seems to pull the garbage out fast as the oil gets dark quick.
Originally Posted by gdoggmoney View Post
Some other things that rid me of misfires an idle/stumbles: Fuel injector seals & intake manifold gaskets. They just sort of shrivel up and decay at higher mileages from heat cycles.

It seems subaru moved to a cheaper fuel injector seal that only seals against 1 surface, vs the originals that sealed against 2 on the injector tip/face. This required slightly crushing the fuel rail to get a positive seal against vacuum (boo subaru)

While there i added some grimspeed 8mm phenolic spacers, removed the coolant feed to the throttle body and completely removed the EGR system.

Then the NGK BKR5EIX-11's seemed to do better than any other plug I stuffed into the car. Last forever and worth the price.
That is interesting about what the previous owner did. Either did too long of oil changes or used the wrong oil, or both.... I have a friend here who has used the marvel mystery oil and likes it, just haven't used it myself yet. I have also read about dot lll transmission fluid for like 20 minutes idling can clean out an engine decently then change it right after of course. But, running the correct oil and something that doesn't shear down and has good additives goes a long ways

Try the rotella T6 5w40 but don't be alarmed to see the oil get dark or slightly dirty sooner after a change as this oil does a good job of cleaning stuff.... Any turbo car running a 5w30 is asking for big problems....

Yeah, the spark plug boots can tear so easy.... Just have to be careful that is all. Let us know when you switch to see how it does.
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