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Originally Posted by GrumpyPitbull
I personally dislike all the electronic doodads and gizmos in cars these days, so for me, the simple interior of the WRX/STi is a huge plus and was actually a selling point.

I traded my 06 WRX in on a 2011 Charger R/T .. because in my head, I thought that new fancy interior was going to be great .. and 8 months later I traded it in for another WRX.

I found I hated heated seats and steering wheels, the EVIC display was annoying, and the climate control would not even allow me to simply open the vents to let outside air in.

Now I know that I want less tech in cars. Maybe I'm a control freak .. I dunno.
Originally Posted by 424wrx
you didnt like heated seats? im glad i have them on 15 degree mornings. wife wouldn't want another car without them. For me, I could do without simply because I feel it doesn't usually get cold enough here IMO (although there are a couple of times its been nice). However, the heated side mirrors have helped on more than a few occasions. I have both on her 08 Forester and my 10 Challenger.

Personally, I've worked with tech for 23+ and tend to like it in my vehicles. Things like the EVIC in my Challenger I find far from annoying.

I got rid of my WRX more than two years ago and have no regrets. Being realistic, the Forester may end up being our last Subaru we buy. ....although we'll probably keep it as our spare/DD when my wife decides to get something new.
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