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Originally Posted by BIGJBEARS View Post
I have been having a recurring "fuel cap" evap code every two months or so, and i cleared the codes sometime last week. At least five or six days ago. That evap code is the only check engine ive ever gotten on this car aside from some random misfire that was cured by a new ignition coil over a year ago.
Drive some more (at least through a full tank of gas) and then we can look at your long-term fuel trims to see if there are any fueling issues. When you reflash a map or reset the ECU, it clears the trims so it can take some time to populate accurately. You can view the individual long-term fuel trims by looking at A/F Learning 1 A,B,C,D. Each individual trim (by itself) should be within 0 to around +/- 5%. If any one is much outside of that, it indicates a potential fueling issue (which could be contributing to your dropping DAM).

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