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Originally Posted by f4ighter View Post
post some pics of your stuff. ill hate on it. i see stuff i dont like quite often and never feel the urge to tell them 'your whatever if busted'. im a tattooer by profession and see the worst stuff in the world on a daily basis but does it make me feel better about myself my telling someone their tattoo looks like trash? no, so i keep my mouth shut. forums are supposed to be a place to share a common interest. i dont mind criticism but 'looks like poo'? unnecessary. maybe im being a bitch but already i am reminded how most fourms are 'i like mine better than yours' oriented. cookie cutter stuff doesnt impress me. if you dont like something you should still appreciate the fact that someone took the time to cut off half the subframe, and cut and welded a duc swinger to the cbr mounting points and custom fitted the suspension. id appreciate a civic if someone took the time to fit a ferrari motor in it.

looking at the 'bagged subaru' thread made me hesitant to even post any pics. everyone is all 'i dont have bags, i dont like that, it looks like crap', people are so damn close minded, and these people are probably the same people that are driving/riding something identical to the a hole that lives two blocks away. grow some balls and mod something to the point you wont see it anywhere. ever. not my wrx, im sure there are 1000 that look exactly like it but dont bash something you couldnt build. ok, so the newbie is a little butt hurt. deal with it.
if you dont want to hear what people have to say then dont post anything, its really a pretty simple concept and was your first mistake. secondly no one wanted to see your bike, remember this thread is about your car. your showing off here and no one cares. it makes you look like a douche, plus you obviously cant take criticism because you respond like a DB.

Originally Posted by f4ighter View Post
thats because i have more things that look good and go fast than you do. first place on the dick swinging goes to this guy.
see above.
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