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Originally Posted by drewvdw View Post
Essentially the same thing, if I remember correctly, the early 09 cars had weaker pistons, I assume that's what you're talking about? I've got a 2010 WRX hatch as well. My motor is out right now, likely busted ringlands. That's the main problem with any turbo Subaru, especially when you start pushing the power like I am.
Originally Posted by redrex009 View Post
It is a known fact that early 09 s had a habit of spinning rod bearings..... ive got 48000 on the odo.... most experiences ive heard of happens well before 50k... i suppose not all tho... thus the bumper to bumper warranty.
Like Nimbus said, it was pre October 08 build dates.

Originally Posted by drewvdw View Post
If you read my post stage 2 FAQ, I go a bit deeper into it, but yes, those two and the stock BPV at elevated boost pressures are the weak links. I think the tranny will probably outlast the motor, but I'm still not aware of much hard evidence of the 08+ tranny limitations. I just know that 500wtq is enough to blow them.
I started a thread asking that very question a couple years ago, one guy in Canada blew one up, but it turned out to be an obvious and one off defect, the rest of the replies were guys complaining about burning their clutches up. I have 70K on mine now, runs like a top (fingers crossed) but I did replace the clutch at 60, but hey, it is the car my wife learned how to drive stick with, but hey, stage one, turbo, awd and someone learning to drive stick I was surprised it lasted that long.

Originally Posted by Nimbus09 View Post
^ i think this guy has me on his ignore list for some reason.

hellooooo... i asked you the same question twice

now 3 times.

why did you say 09 wrx pistons are weak?
I wonder if he is confusing the STI ring-land issue with the pre October 2008 build date spun bearings?
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