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Default Oil Consumption Under Boost?

Ok, So I have researched and looked and need an answer.

If I hammer on the car I get pretty bad oil consumption. I'm currently using Kandall 5W40 Synthetic (apparently highly regarded). Before the Catch Can I noticed my intercooler was caked with oil, as well as my turbo. All coming from blow by. So I added a Catch Can (no more oil in intercooler). Now that the can is in I'm still losing a lot of oil (1 quart) in about 1000km's or less. But here is the catch, it's not in the can, but to be frank I have put those metal scrubbing pad so Its probably gunked up in there).

So...Can the oil be crappy and deteriorating/burnt up (I have no clue)?

Anywho I'm going to switch to T6 5w40 tomorrow.

-My car fires up very fast on a cold start (0c, coldest so far)
-No Smoke from the Oil Cap
-No white smoke from the tail pipe after condensation disappears (no cats)
-If I don't go into boost, I don't consume.

I should do a compression/leak down test and possibly cry.

What do you guys think?
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