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Originally Posted by Back Road Runner
Yeah, there's nothing special here, just car nerds discussing car nerd stuff for fun.

I think his concern was trying to accelerate more quickly without bogging the car. People by nature want to use the clutch as little as possible, so they will want to get off of it too quickly and subsequently bog the engine. Unless you have gobs of torque, low grip, or shock load the drivetrain enough to break the tires free, the engine will always bog. The only way around this is to use the clutch more, slip longer, and let the engine hold revs. There's nothing fancy here, but we start doing what people have been taught to fear doing.
Yes u are correct, by nature we have been taught not to ride the clutch at least thats how my dad taught me but that was when he taught me in a 92 Nissan Hard Body pick up though. Obviously my subie is a totally different beast with awd. But I guess the other poster is right iv been fine with my car since I bought it back in 09 so I won't try to worry so much and I don't drag race so it's all good.
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