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Originally Posted by Guy Hollywood View Post
I'd search this forum on this info. I've never had first hand experience but I believe that warranty claims can be and have been denied due to an AP. Like you mentioned, our checksum number will differ even if it has been un married, and that may be enough to deny your claim for any engine work.
i did. i originally saw this from Cobb and backed it up with a call to them -

Originally Posted by COBB Tuning View Post
When you install the version 2 AccessPORT, it will completely back up the ECU's ROM image. The ROM image contains the calibration id. When you uninstall, it will flash that original ROM image, thus restoring the original calibration id (as well as all the original code/data).

There are a few scenarios where the calibration id might not match the SOA/dealer's records upon an attempted or perceived uninstall of the AP:

1. If the ROM image has been modified from the factory ROM before the AP is installed. For example, if the car had an Ecutek or open source tune on it, the AP will back-up that tuned ROM and put it back on when you uninstall.

2. If the AP is not uninstalled via the "AccessPORT - Uninstall" menu option (or that process fails to complete). Note: reflashing the "installed stock mode" map is not an uninstall and does not restore the original backed-up ROM image.

3. If the AP was sent in for repair or replaced for some reason after it was installed and the backed-up ROM image was not or could not be transferred to the new AP.

That said, we do not make any guarantees that the Subaru will never be able to detect the AP after it has been uninstalled. Subaru can be very sneaky about implementing this type of functionality. We do know of the current flash counter that exists in the ROM in later models, but this does not impact the AP since we restore the original ROM when you uninstall (barring the issues described above). But, that does not mean that new functionality doesn't exist that we are not aware of. Given the explanation by the dealership however, this doesn't sound like anything new, but we can't rule that out.

i realized that infinitely more people have had no warranty issues with unmarried APs than those who have had issues, so i took the slight risk.
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