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Default Golf R purchase tomorrow

Well I have been holding off buying a new car since March. But now is the time to make my decision. I have been going back and forth on the 13 STI and the 13 Golf R for many many weeks. THe STI is definitely where my heart is. Always has been since I sold my 2006 modded STI. It was such a great car. Very raw and connected. FAst forward 6 years, and I have a 4 year old and another kid on the way in February. I could not be any happier. So with that being said, the 2000 Tundra I have been driving since I sold my 2011 WRX has been a great vehicle, but its time in my life is at an end.

The case for the Golf R is compelling. I have taken 2 test drives that equates to about 40 minutes in the car. I have posted about the fabulous suspension, the amazing seats, and the incredible brakes. I have complimented the car on its ample room and well laid out interior. The engine makes power smoothly and sounds good while it does it. The SHifter is just amazing. The technical features of the Golf are FAR and beyond the STI (with the exception of the lack of home link.. which is weird).

Now cons. Well the reliability of the Golf will not match the STI. No doubt about that. But the VW dealer is only about 8 miles away, where the Subaru dealer is 46 miles (on a toll route). THe golf is not as raw and connected as the STI. And that is actually quite a drawback. The Golf is not as fast as the WRX or STI from an acceleration point of view

I want to buy an STI again, it will be my 8th subaru since 2000. It would look good next to my 2007 Outback XT. It is a familiar and comforting car to own. But I have to force myself to think logically as I ask myself the question: CAn a die hard Subaru guy be happy with a VW? Right now, it seems buying the 2013 STI after owning a well modded 2011 WRX just feels like I am buying the same car again. (even though they are next to nothing alike mechanically)

The Golf R is a better Daily Driver in every conceivable and measurable category. It has better seats, better materials, more room inside, better ride quality, better stereo, more advanced keyless features, better MPG, lower price tag, and a solid build feel.

The STI is a more focused track car, whose limits are higher than the golfs in braking and acceleration.

Stepping back, I only do about 2 to 3 track days a year, and they are just purely for fun. The last time I went I took my 2011 WRX and completely destroyed the stock brakes in 20 minutes. The STI and Golf R will probably not have that issue.

So again, tomorrow I get the keys to a Golf R, and shortly after a complete comprehensive review will follow.

Having an APR tuning shop 20 minutes from my house does not hurt either...

STay tuned for a golf R review!
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