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Originally Posted by ProdriveDreams
the controller he makes is a replacement for the stock DCCD controller mainly for people using a DCCD equipped transmission in a vehicle that didn't come with one. The problem being that the stock DCCD controller talks to the ECU the ABS and has special sensors such as pitch/yaw and steering input, that non DCCD equipped vehicles lack making the DCCD either useless or with a little wiring a full manual controlled lockup. What the DCCD pro controller does is allow for swapped cars to have an automatic (and manual) control over their DCCD lock up.

So what he's saying is that if your 6mt was swapped in and your DCCD works, most likely your using one of his controllers, because to swap everything necessary and do all the wiring would be an overly complicated and unnecessary undertaking.

If you are using a DCCD pro controller, then the ABS status of the car is irrelevant, it uses input from the TPS, e-brake switch, and a gyro (provided with the unit). Unlike the stock controller which without a functioning ABS unit will not work properly.

What vehicle is this, and is the 6MT a swap, and from what?? what is the deal with the axles you are referring to? how are they wrong? I have a feeling that DCCDPro is right, and that your ABS light is on because your axles have the wrong "tones" (gear looking thing at the end of the CV joint which allows your ABS wheel sensors to tell how fast each wheel is turning) and is causing your ABS unit to throw a trouble code, which is causing the DCCD to not allow full functionality.
okay I have a wrx sti 05, it had bad cv joints so it was cheaper to buy new axles, I went with what I was told would be the correct axles, well when I got them the box said they go to the subaru forester-- I was thinking that maybe they share the same axle but I was wrong..... I got the axles installed the threads line up but the gear thing at the end is too small so the abs light comes on in the car because the sensor doesn't connect and I also get a horrible sound every time the I turn the car all the way left or right-- probably cuz the axles are to long...
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