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Perhaps the most well written and unbiased reviews I have ever read on NASIOC in 5 years. Kudos and thanks!

Yeah, the reliability is what really scares me. Everything else I am fairly confident in. What I did not post is what exactly I am looking for in my next car. That would have been useful as it would put my words in more context.

I was looking for a car that would slot in between the WRX and STI performance wise. The Golf R is very quick. Would give any WRX a run for its money in a straight line. And my initial test drive told me that the Golf R is a far better handling car than a stock WRX is, even with its all season tires.

However, a WRX can be made much better with a handful of mods. Wheels, tires, sway bars, and brakes to name a few. But, and this is where the Golf R leaps above the stock WRX for me. I do not want to have to dump 4000 dollars of mods into a car to make it enjoyable. The Golf R is VERY good right out of the box. And if it needs more power, then an APR flash is only 499 and 15 minutes away from 305 HP.

To me the Golf R's more direct comparison is the WRX. Some would say the GTI, but the FWD nature of that car to me makes it too different.

Okay, so anyway, it is about T minus 8 hours until I go to the VW dealership. This will be my first German car. I will make sure I introduce myself to the service manager when I am there.

I advise people on buying cars all the time. And if there is anything I preach to people is this. Be honest with yourself. Do you buy a car as an appliance, or as a source of joy. Be honest with yourself. How will this car actually get used? Be honest with yourself. Know how much you want to spend and do not exceed that. There will be times your head and your heart will cloud your judgement. And if your are truly honest with yourself, you can help navigate those waters. Should you buy a car that comes with a boat load of compromises so you can enjoy it for 1% of the driving you actually do. Or should you buy a car for the 99% of the driving you do?

My decision to buy the Golf R is just that. It is a car that fits my life right now 99% of the time, that will still allow me to have a bunch of fun on those 1% days.
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