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Originally Posted by Junior2JZ View Post

No raising fuel pressure? I wont even get into "tuners" that don't want to do that..

Sucks you had to go out and buy lines and all that other stuff.
In reality all you need is a good pump 340/400/450 and the rewire with relay for more AMPS.

I did another car this week that had id1ks, walbro 450, 55 base pressure and rewire. stock rails, and lines.. He had an inline Nismo adjustable reg. We made over 500whp on a GTX30r. Car trapped 127mph on Friday. IDCs are mid 90s

I agree
Jr, most of those guys don't like the higher pressure because they don't understand that you need lots more pump to do that since more volume is needed.

Kinda like how the lower pressure you run your pump at the more it flows. Throws those ppl off. Yeah higher pressure increases injector flow but without enough pump your dead.

Dennis glad you didn't raise the pressure on a 255 or 300 with no wiring. You might have made the problem worse.

I'm sure all you need is a butt ton more pump. Fwiw ppl using twin pump setups and id2k's are getting like 3000cc's plus out of them at high pressure.
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