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Originally Posted by stanrc View Post
I'll never understand how people in college afford brand new cars like this without going into crazy debt (aside from the car loan itself). I've worked since HS, through college, and it wasn't until last year (age 26) that I felt stable enough to afford a car like this. To include gas, insurance, and the mods I knew I wanted to do.
Mods can get expensive. And if you're a careful driver with good insurance and aren't driving 50+ miles a day, it's not that hard to pay for it. It's definitely circumstantial but it can happen. You just have to figure out your priorities and not buy other things you don't need. I haven't bought clothes in 3 years haha. All my clothes come from races and events. I make my own instant coffee at home. I don't buy crazy expensive food, only what's on sale. I do live at home, which saved a lot of money. And I've been working the same two jobs for 5 years so I've been able to earn a few raises which gets me to pay for my college tuition and my car. I don't have much left over, but I know I'm going to be swallowing massive loans for med school no matter how much I save haha.
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