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Originally Posted by Swisha Blast View Post
Sorry I just Google Apple Sticker on WRX and your was the first one on Google Images.
Dont think Im ragging on you or your car personally.
I don't think you're ragging on me personally - generalizations are generalizations. I do think it's creepy to open a thread and see a picture of my car, used in an entirely different way, without knowing it was going to happen.

I also think it's a great example of why generalizations like this fail.

Originally Posted by kpluiten View Post
Why would you pay Apple a ton of money for their products and then advertise for them for free? Just to let people know that you are hip? Or have the money to afford Apple products? I don't get it? I'm not hating on Apple or you, I'm just curious why you'd put an Apple sticker on your car, a seemingly completely unrelated item.

I have one brand name sticker on my car, but that company sponsored me with parts. That makes sense.
Well, it's kinda like why one would wave at another Subaru owner. At least at one point, Apples were not very common, and those who chose them were a bit... we'll say eccentric. Putting an Apple sticker on your car is a way to identify yourself as that sort of eccentric. This is from before Apples were associated with hipsters. It's a different kind of eccentric - one that means we're old, not "think we're cool" or whatever it is with hipsters.

I didn't put the sticker on there (the car is shared and the other person put it on there), so I can't give you any better explanation than that. I don't necessarily mind it being there, but putting stickers on my car isn't really my "thing", no matter what the stickers are for. Sponsor stickers go on the car for events, but that's about it.
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