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Originally Posted by krzywhtboi82 View Post
We sell h9 at AutoZone but it's only offered as a standard halogen. I'm gonna guess that it's not gonna be brighter than what I have so I think I'm just gonna wait and save and do a proper hid kit. Unless some one has both h9 and h11 to compare. And both should be standard
Originally Posted by krzywhtboi82 View Post
Ok so just did some digging

1345 lumens

H9 standard
2099 lumens

So with those numbers which would be brighter and shine better. Is a higher color temp better or a higher lumens

So I just compared standard and zxe 9005 high beams.
Both have same lumens 1700 bit color temps are diff 3200k and 4200k but there is deff a difference in brightness
Like I said.. MUCH brighter..

It is the lumens that determin brightness. The 3200k, etc is the color only. 2099 lumens is way brighter than 1345 lumens.

4200k is a little bit more on the blue side compared to 3200k but it isn't that much of a difference. Lights that are tinted more toward blue might be perceived to be brighter by some people, but that's just because most people's eyes are more sensitive to blue light compared to yellow light. It's not going to overcome the difference between 754 lumens though.

I have a flashlight that's about 750 lumens and it lights up an entire field all by itself.. 750 lumens is a lot of light. It's a massive difference between those two light bulbs.
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