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Default Is my engine shot? loud knocking sound... video inside

I picked up a 99 forester about 3 months ago from a friend for cheap. I fixed a few things (brakes, wheel bearing, o2 sensor) and have been driving it for about 2 months now and it now has about 200K miles on it. All of a sudden on my way home from work i heard a a loud ticking/knocking sound. Is the engine done? Is it worth swapping with a used one or just salvage the car?

I pulled the codes today and found: P0301, P0302, P0304, and P0341. I checked again today and it seems like the sound is coming from the middle of the right side of the engine bay. The knocking does increase and get faster as the RPMs increase

The car has a very rough warm up now when you first start it up for the first time. It never used to do that. When your first start it, it idles rough and shakes a bit but after a while it calms down and then just makes the knocking sound.

Any ideas where to go from where? P0341 is the camshaft position sensor. Not sure exactly where or what that is but should it be replaced?
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