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Originally Posted by RM_2 View Post
Agreed. After I got the Kartboy shifter and bushings installed (all in one go), the feeling changed drastically. Shifts were not as vague and just felt so crisp. I was very pleased with it compared to the stock shifter with stock bushings (which are seriously crappy).
The bushings make a huge difference in feel. Well worth it even if you wanted to keep the stock shifter.

Originally Posted by Celery GT-5 View Post
nice work

Originally Posted by brett192 View Post
Just ordered the kartboy shifter and bushings yesterday, can't wait to install them, hopefully this weekend.
You'll like them!

Originally Posted by 44r0nm4n View Post
I read your write-up about the comparison of the 3 shifters, very thorough. Did you have any thoughts on how any of those 3 compared to the MODE adjustable shifter, which I believe you had at one point? I'd be interested to know what your take is on MODE vs Kartboy.
I forgot to post that part! I wrote it up, but didn't copy it into the post. I updated the first post to include some thoughts on that. If you have any specific questions, let me know. Here is the updated version:

Originally Posted by RM_2 View Post
What conclusions do I draw from this?

First is that 3" from the middle of the pivot ball to the middle of the linkage connection is likely the upper limit to how long you would want that section. You can go a little higher if you bend the bracket in the shifter area, but the shifts start to get very notchy beyond this length. The adjustable shifters (COBB/MODE) can definitely be extended longer than that, but you will get notchy shifts. I think SPT and Kartboy use this length because it's significantly shorter than stock, but still feels very good.

While I was a bit surprised that the lower section was the same length on the SPT vs. the Kartboy, I was not surprised that the Kartboy was shorter overall. The SPT is a really nice option for someone who does not want to reduce the overall height of the shifter, but for someone that wants the shifts to be a bit shorter and more crisp, the Kartboy is great. I think either can be a good option depending on your preference.

Unfortunately I didn't have any other shifters to measure. I have owned the MODE (ie. COBB) double adjustable shifter in the past. It was great quality, but I found that it could make the throws much shorter than I needed. You should be able to set it up identically to a Kartboy if you wanted, but I don't think you can make it as long as stock.

From my experience with both, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend either, depending on what you want. The COBB is more flexible so you can dial it in exactly how you want (but you can actually set it up to feel pretty bad too). Versus the Kartboy that is just plug and play. No adjustments, but it's really nice out of the box.

On a semi-related note, the shifter bushings also make a huge difference. Doing a short shifter a long will make the shifts shorter, but they'll still be very sloppy. The bushings really change the feel of the shifts. For the small price you pay, they make a huge difference in how it feels to dive. I would recommend them to anyone.
Originally Posted by PearlRex11 View Post
This saved me some money, thank you very much. I wanted to purchase the kartboy to replace my spt but it won't make a difference in my setup. I have a sparco knob that uses the set screws to mount it rather than threading on. the sparco knob allows me to mount it further down on the shift lever which makes it almost identical to the kartboy. Hope that makes sense. According to your write up, one could cut the spt one down a little bit and re-thread it and get the same result if I am understanding right.
Yep, you could do that. You'll eventually run into the lip around the shifter if you thread it down too far.
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