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Default oil consumption

Originally Posted by subi400 View Post
That is interesting about what the previous owner did. Either did too long of oil changes or used the wrong oil, or both.... I have a friend here who has used the marvel mystery oil and likes it, just haven't used it myself yet. I have also read about dot lll transmission fluid for like 20 minutes idling can clean out an engine decently then change it right after of course. But, running the correct oil and something that doesn't shear down and has good additives goes a long ways

Try the rotella T6 5w40 but don't be alarmed to see the oil get dark or slightly dirty sooner after a change as this oil does a good job of cleaning stuff.... Any turbo car running a 5w30 is asking for big problems....

Yeah, the spark plug boots can tear so easy.... Just have to be careful that is all. Let us know when you switch to see how it does.
Lots of top flight engine restorers use marvel to loosen piston and rings that have been setting a long time.
A bike mechanic who cleaned the bores of my old Triumph told me to add a certain amount of marvel oil with the gas on my rebuilt engine, for the first 500miles. Just makes the gas a bit oily enough to help the cyl break in.
I also found another lube that works well on rust and I presume it would be good on rings or care parts in general. Its a WD-40 Specialist for Rust, works like a champ. MJEFF
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