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Originally Posted by _davin View Post
Yeah I didn't realize at first either, but the longer that bottom bit, the shorter the throw.

I kind of want to dremil out that metal plate above it so it can be shorter.

Also, **** snap rings...

I have the kartboy bushings and it is irritatingly notchy, my buddy's is stock and it feels like hot butter. Maybe I need new tranny fluid or something.
I would be willing to bet that if you had the stock shifter in with the bushings it wouldn't be notchy. That is one of the problems with the adjustable ones. If you adjust it too far it starts to feel pretty bad. I wish they came with some kind of suggested settings.

Originally Posted by stikboy View Post
Hold up...

Your shifter is notchy? I had KB bushings on my RS, but I thought that it was notchy in a good each gear snicked in place perfectly. What are you experiencing? I was looking at adding KB bushings to my SPT until you made your comment.
You will love the bushings.

Originally Posted by _davin View Post
Lol, just ignore me, I don't know what my problem is. My car has over 53,000 miles on it and I'm not the original owner of this one, and I never experienced it with stock bushings. My first 2011 had stock bushings and the SPT STS but I honestly can't even remember how it felt in comparison.
It is very hard to compare by memory.

Originally Posted by ChesterWRX View Post
Yeah, i couldn't shift into 2nd, 4th and reverse initially until i adjusted it. I have it between 1/3 and 1/2 out, IIRC and the throws are crisp - maybe 25-30 % shorter.
That's probably pretty good. Again, it would be nice if the adjustable ones had suggested settings.

Originally Posted by sprocket_rocket View Post

Anybody else notice that the SPT lever isn't quite parallel above and below the pivot point? I just installed a Kartboy, and when I had them side by side, I noticed that the Kartboy is straight as an arrow, and the SPT bends slightly at the pivot point. You can kind of see it in the second pic of xluben's OP. Any thoughts?
Yes. I did notice that. Both of the Subaru shifters seem to handle away from the driver and the Kartboy angles towards the driver. This may be manufacturing variation (welding a rod to a cylinder) or possibly because the angle on the stock ones makes the shifter straight up and the Kartboy angles slightly towards the driver to make it easier to reach.
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