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I'd rather not pay that much for the extra-s...although I'm considering using it for the rear diff.

I think I will go with the cocktail for the tranny...I'm really getting sick of the grinding. I found this one thread (which I can't find now) that talked about the cocktail eating through seals...but honestly, I have a hard time seeing someone like Grimmspeed selling the concoction online, if it was harmful..

I found a thread talking about "v3" of the cocktail, but it wasn't even posted by Scotty, so I dunno..

Just for clarification - this is the blend I'm going to use...please correct me if I'm wrong.

1 Pennzoil Synchromesh Quart
2 Castrol Hypoy C 80w90
1 Redline Lightweight Shockproof

Directions: use ALL of Penzoil, Lightweight Shockproof, and 1 full bottle of the Castrol Hypoy C, then you use approx. 1/3 to 1/2 of the remaining Hypoy C until the transmission is full.

BTW..I replaced my air filter (which was dirty as ****), cleaned my MAF, and replaced my PCV Valve. I've noticed a nice difference in power, regardless of who wants to laugh at that. It's nothing mind-blowing, but quicker throttle-response it seems, and slightly more acceleration. My PCV was definitely bad and I'm almost thinking that was the cause of my oil consumption (and the strong fuel smell coming from my oil) hopefully that's all it is.

I'm going to attempt the Snorkus Delete this weekend after buying some weatherproofing. I'm a little bit concerned about the delete, since I live in FL and we get HARD rain with occasional flooding, from what I've read it's a lot harder to suck that much water in than people realize, so hopefully it'll be OK.

I will have my up-pipe within the month and that will be it as far as mods go. I'm so freaking afraid of blowing my turbo b/c of my stupid up-pipe - getting rid of it asap!

Thanks everyone for their advice! It was all taken into consideration and I appreciate the responses!

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