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Originally Posted by pippen View Post
I would love to just go all out on this.. but my fear is "in the long run" it will just blow up lol. I keep reading on here over and over again about guys with crazy a** setups like that that just never hit above 10,000 miles.. it seems like SOMETHING always happens. I assume you gotta except that when you go for a build like that, and I don't have the funds to allow me to except that, so I think I'm forced to just keep it mild and do the bottom end.

The first block you suggested is pretty much what I'm after, except the setup I'm looking at has Manley h-beam rods, and no acid dip.. what's the advantage in that? Thanks for the suggestions!
If you dont get block acid dipped at least get it vatted they comlletely clean out the block to make sure there are no shavings. Acid dip removes all the gunk you will see when the block is pulled apart + shavings.. pretty much makes it look brand new.

A full build wont necessarily die quickly all depends on the tuner, how you drive it and maintain it. If you drive it like a bat out of hell all the time yea ot wont last

I am bottom built only right now myself but doin a full build but for now I have

Manley pistons
Eagle rods
Oem crank
Acl main+rod bearings

So far 12k miles on it and its been built a year. If your happy with 400-450whp that is perfect build for you.. but if you ever want more prepare to rip it apart again to build heads and replace H beam rods considering H beams are only good for about 500whp safely.

My opinion id spend the extra 200$ and get Brian crower I beams. Well worth it
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