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Sherriff's deputy walks up to me at work, convo goes like this

S: Hey sir, is that your Subaru out there?
Me: Yes it is, you're not planning on giving me a ticket are you?
S: Why would I do that?
Me: ...Oh.. never mind... What's up?
S: I have a Subaru legacy and I'm actually looking for a hood, do you happen to know where I could find one?
Me: Nasioc
S: What? Nasi-what?
Me: N-A-S-I-O-C, It's an internet forum and they have a private classifieds section where members sell parts, I'm sure you'd be able to locate a hood there.
S: Ok thanks. I probably shoulnd't be telling you this, but I actually raced one that looks like yours and he only took me off the launch, we were dead even after that...Oh I just remembered, my clutch is toast, so that's why he beat me...
Me: (In disbelif that a Cop, a SHERRIFF no less telling me about a street racing story) Yeah man, that makes sense.
S: You know, I was thinking of doing a WRX engine and turbo swap, because everything else on the car is the same as the STi. Drivetrain, suspension, everything. It's a pretty cool little car.
Me: (Trying not to laugh) I'd recommend an STi swap, preferably with forged pistons, that'd be the best bet as far as power and reliability.
S: Yeah, totally agree ( It was very apparent that what I said went way over his head LOL)
Me: Well, I have to get back to work, good luck with your legacy..

This story is 100% true, I still can't believe that a sherriff told me about how he street raced his legacy against a 'car that looked like mine'.
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