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Originally Posted by speedyHAM View Post
For a DD, I'd take a 911 GT2 RSR.
I imagine you mean RS, as Porsche's RSR cars tend to be track cars (while RS is often an extreme, but streetable, car). As someone with a lot of time in a GT3 RS, I'd say consider your needs and where you are carefully. We spent a lot of time driving a GT3 RS on the street, and while it's different from the GT2, the things that make it more difficult on the street are shared with the GT2. We're streeting the car here in Houston. The bumps are horrible. The crabbing the car has to do to negotiate driveways is annoying (and makes people laugh... hey, at least it brings joy to others?). It's squeaky. It's rough. It's hard. A GT2 RS would share these. If what you want is an extremely fast, great handling, fun 911 for DD duties, look to the Turbo S instead. I realize it's PDK, but... Well, it's worth it. It can handle the bumps. It can handle the driveways. It can handle everything the street can throw at it. Oh, and it can do 0 to 60 in around 2.9 (or 2.7, depending on who you ask) seconds, with just about anyone driving (thanks to PDK). If you're somewhere with smooth roads and gently sloping (rather than narrow and sharp) driveways, go for the GT2.

With money and other hassles (registration, what to use it for, etc., etc.) sorted out, I'd love to have a Pagani Zonda. From everything I've read, watched, and learned about the car, I think their handling is right up my alley. I also love the way they look. I'd want a street version, as it's not the car I'd choose for track use. Something like Hamilton's 760 LH in that beautiful purple would be dead on perfect. See the larger shots at the Jalopnik link.

For track use, if given an unlimited budget for car things, I'd get a GT3 Cup car, along with a team to maintain it, services of a driving coach, race entry fees, travel costs, hotels, food, etc... and go race the *&$@* out of it. But that's a large, and ongoing, budget. I'd love to race a GT3 R Hybrid, but that'd likely mean finding a seat in one, not buying one and racing it. So instead, back to this:

If I had to support the car with my own budget, I'd basically keep doing what I'm doing (occasional HPDEs, member days, very little wheel-to-wheel) and get an Exige. I'm not sure if I'd go for the S or not. With my driving style, I'd need to budget for some failed transmissions, and I'd need to learn to make new front lips for it (or budget for those, too). But that's approachable. This one's a friend's, and he's been designing a plywood front lip for it:
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