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Hello, new poster here. A brief introduction first. Until recently, I had a 2003 WRX sedan, which I owned since new and loved every minute of it. I recently decided to go the economy route and traded that for a 2013 Impreza. although I will miss my old car, and have fond memories of it, I am happy enough to get better fuel economy on regular. I suppose if I desire to go fast, I have motorcycles.

Anyway, I thought I might add some information to this thread. I bought the premium model, which was lacking some of the things I liked about the WRX, fog lights being one of them.

I did buy the kit from the Subaru e-store, which is going for just under 300 bucks and installed them myself. Although there are certainly alternatives to te factory lights, I doubt anybody will find a cleaner install. The kit comes complete with everything you need, including fasteners and the relay to install the lights. They don't tell you this, but the bumper pieces that come with the kit do come with the bright trim around the light. You can also, if you desire, pop out the honey comb piece and have no bright trim around the lights, but I think it dresses it up myself.

Once installed, the switch is fully integrated into the car. It is backlit like all other controls and lights the indicator on the dash. IMHO the kit is worth the price.

Now to the install: Probably the most dificult part was installing the switch itself, which took me all of 30 minutes. The wiring is there and you get a new bezel for the switch. There are a couple of blank off plates that need to be transfered to the new bezel.

The relay for the lights is located on the other side behind the glove box. The directions have you removing the glove box, some trim, and a cover of some sort behind the glove box. The relay block is tall and narrow, with the new relay being located in the lower right corner of the block. IF you feel up in there, you can locate the relays location and feel the orientation of the pins. I was able to reach up in there and plug in the relay WITHOUT TAKING ANYTHING APART on the right side of the dash. If you are a visual person, it could be dificult, but it saved me a bit of time. Time, including feeling for the relays and figuring out the location and orientation, was maybe 5 to 10 minutes. On to the lights: Getting the inner fender loose took a little more than the directions but not too much. There are several push pins and one bolt that needs to be taken loose to allow the plastic to be moved enough to get in there. The trim pieces in the bumper push out the front. Look for a series of tabs all around it. Don't really BEND them. Just flex them a little as you also push forward on them. The piece will push out the front. If you decide you don't want the bright trim, there is a tab at the top of the honey comb piece that you push down and the piece comes out the front. The lights are the sane for both sides. There is not a left and right. The assembly is plastic and should hold up to the rigors of detioration over the years. There are two tabs toward the outside of each side. The tabs on the lights go into those. There is a locator pin inboard and one bolt that goes into a J nut that you put in place before you put the light in. The wiring is there and you plug it into the back of the fixture. Reassemble everything and you're done. The entire job, taking my time to make sure I was doing it right, took about 1.5 hours. That is total for every aspect of the job. I could probably cut that in half now that I have done it once.

I guess I have become an old fart, but I spent a lot of time years ago adapting aftermarket stuff to the muscle cars I had in the past. Making brackets, cutting wiring, trying to make it look nice. There is something to be said for clean installations!


also: you may have noticed I have added a couple of other goodies to the exterior just to dress it up, but that is not what this thread is about.
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