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Perhaps you guys who live your life one quarter mile at a time. You can post about track days all you want. You can post that I made the wrong choice for spirited driving. But the truth is I drive on the ROAD 99.9% of the time. At this moment of my life I am smart enough to know how I will actually use a car. I buy the car for how I am going to use it. Not for how I want others to think I am going to use it.

There are many folks having a great time tracking their Golf R. Reality >> you guys.

And should I take my Golf R to the track, and the stability control kicks in, what difference does that make in reality? Does that mean I cannot drive the car fast at all? Nope. Does that mean I cannot have fun? Nope.

Does that mean I cannot hang the back out in an Initial D drift-a-thon. Probably. But that is just stupid to begin with.

That video above is one of the main reasons I did buy my Golf R! The guy had a permanent grin on his face while carving the canyon roads,and driving around. He praised the handling , and feeling, and the refinement. Even if he was not sure a car should be refined. He positively trashed the EVO in every possible aspect as a daily driver. And could not say enough good things about the Golf. Because he values track times over daily driving perfection, his opinion of the ESC to me was never an issue, as I know how I drive, and how much Daily driver vs track day time I spend. To buy a car for the 0.1% of time it is on the track is actually rather juvenile.

I have already said this. The cars 11/10ths performance means absolutely nothing to me. You CANNOT drive a car that hard on the street ever. And in the event I am on a hairpin at a track day and the traction control kicks in. Who cares? You guys seem to think that laptimes count for anything at a track day? They do not. Fun does.

I really feel sorry for you folks who are not capable of having fun in a car. For pure fun, I take my 240Z to the track most of the time. And I promise you, my WRX and my new Golf R would destroy it's lap times. But the Z is more fun. It is raw. Any car can be fun on a track. And if track days are not about fun, then what is the point? Is the Golf R a track weapon, OH goodness no. Can it be fun? I am willing to bet with this steering and its amazing brakes, I can have a hoot at the local track.

Guys like Dub klr, moonrider, 04silverex, you are kinds of guys that are often the epitome of most of my jokes. I can almost certainly assume that none of you race for your livelihood, or even race where the results matter. Yet you preach about track days and autocross like it is an important criteria for a daily driver. I am in a position where I can afford two fun cars. A raw performance oriented classic car, and a refined stealth speed machine. I wish you were in such a position as well.

But by all means, keep living your life a quarter mile at a time. And I do hope one day I bring my Golf R to the track and run into you. I will waive at every WRX I pass.

Legacy GT, you missed the most important dimension to me. Rear leg room is 2 inches bigger in the Golf. For a rear facing child seat that is huge! And the 15" difference must between the sedan and the hatch, because no way a WRX hatch is 15" longer than the Golf R.

Happy motoring folks...
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