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Originally Posted by dub kllr View Post
for the money, the Golf R is still a joke performance-wise. That car is European cars incarnate: Lots of tech, comfy, decent power but $$$ to make it so as well as to maintain it. $36K for a Golf R around here baseline. $36K buys you a STizzal or a 2013 Mustang GT plus 4k for mods. Either of which has nearly all the appointed ammenities of a Golf R for less. Volkswagen knows how to run a business, that much is clear in all their acquired companies over the past decade, however, they still don't know how to build a sports car for the everyday "muscle-minded" American male. It's a housewife's car, not a man's car. It's a skinny jean wearing, Jack Johnson listening car, not a Metallica shouting, wrangler jean wearing car.
hmm...well, i agree that they could have dialed the power up a bit more to make people more comfortable when cross-shopping and/or leaving their competitor's cars. the performance is a let down for me coming from the STI and has made me think long and hard. plus the god damn paint color limitations, but whatever, you guys don't care about that.

the Golf R has more and also "better" options than the STI. different market though - the dollars you spend are invested in different areas than the STI. i had an STI and that is one of the few things about the Golf R that i like, that the sunroof and nav-equipped Golf R has really nice features unavailable in the STI and just as important, superior interior materials and build quality. i know i already gave a "review" of sorts earlier in the thread, but i was WAY disappointed with the interior quality of my STI. yeah yeah Subaru is not supposed to NOT be a rattle trap but dude, the STI hatch is not cheap so at least pick it up to the level of a basic VW imo. that would have made me feel a lot better. on weird thing about the Golf R: NO OE LED TAILS! that boggles my mind. i know you can swap euro ones in but why they skimped there, who knows.

plus maintenance is included for 3/36 which isn't a big selling point for me but it is for a lot of people and makes maintenance a non-issue for a quite a while.

but yeah, the GTI, for a while, during the mk5 days, was expensive as hell when you equipped it to match the features of the same gen Mazdaspeed3 GT (or later, "Tech"). like...A LOT more. VW lost sight of that aspect after the mk4 imo. i remember i got a brand new 2003 mk4 GTI in 2002 with leather and cold weather package for like 20k. as soon as the mk5 came out it had a bunch of extra stuff available but holy **** if you wanted HID and stuff it was like 30k! the Golf R follows the same line of thinking as the mk5 to a certain extent, but when people are waiting months and months for their dumb STIs like i did and dropping with tax close to 40k...i ain't even mad at VW doe.
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