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Originally Posted by AllenEllis View Post
I'm still waiting, too. Ordered a MBP Sport Premium with a few accessories back on 9/1/12. Was told "4-8 weeks", and the dealer just told me yesterday now it's looking like December.

Ugh!! I heard about crazy back-orders things srping but I was under the impression it was residual from the tsunami and had cleared up. Back then people were at least getting credits for $500 in accessories... any word if at least that promotion is still happening?

The frustrating thing is that the other dealer in town has a very similar 2012, but when I was there a few months ago I was pretty turned off by how they treated me (seemed to rush me out wouldn't let me test drive a WRX because I told him I "wasn't sure" if I wanted it or not). Google reviews for these dealers show that others have similar experience so I really want to keep my order where it is.

Ugh. Maybe they can do a trade or something. I'll find out Monday.
Here's my follow-up to this:

Good news! My car has arrived . I got the good news last Monday but I've been vacationing and won't be able to pick it up until Tuesday. Anyone in the central florida area want to test drive it for me?

To recap:
Ordered from Mastro Subaru in Orlando, Florida. Impreza Sport Premium, MBP, with cargo tray, rear seat protector, rear bumper applique, and auto dimming compass with homelink.

Ordered: 9/1/12
VIN Received: 10/27/12
Delivery: 11/19/12

I'm really excited, can't wait to get home now! I still have to sort out all of the financing, hopefully that goes well. Funny it never came up in the ordering process.... :-\

Also, I emailed SOA about the delay and asked for a $500 accessories credit, instead they offered me a $250 discount which I'm accepting.

Dear Mr. Ellis,

Thank you for your patience.

Once you take delivery of your new Impreza, I am happy to offer you some goodwill assistance. This is our way of saying thank you for your patience.

I would like to extend $250.00, which can be applied towards the purchase of your vehicle.

This offer is separate from any offers presently being advertised by Subaru of America, Inc. or any incentives offered by your Subaru dealer. This offer is being made entirely as a gesture of goodwill to maintain customer satisfaction.

In order to take advantage of this offer, please send me a copy of your buyers order and I'll send the request to our Accounting department for their processing.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Best wishes,
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