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Originally Posted by chkltcow View Post
I'm baffled by why they're doing it as a "Time Trial" in the first place. I thought it was a straight up PDX "go drive your car on a track for fun" thing.
I agree. The fact that CMP is calling it a "time trial," yet you can have an instructor and a transponder AND point-bys are required is confusing. IMO, if you require point-bys, it's not a TT.

Originally Posted by chkltcow View Post
As for the M vs SA, if it were up to me I wouldn't allow M helmets for full blown track events. For an AutoX it's okay, but for track events where worse crap is likely to happen, I'd say SA rating should be mandatory. They're tested for multiple impacts, because in a car you're going to be strapped in with plenty of things to hit your head on (window, rollbar, b-pillar, etc)... and are rated for flammability. Motorcycle accidents you're more likely to hit the ground and slide.... one impact, and away from any possible flames.
Agreed. Most groups will require an SA helmet for the more advanced run groups (advanced/instructor) and M for lower levels (novice/intermediate). This past weekend I ran with Tracks Unlimited at AMP, and was bumped into the Intermediate group as a result of my past experience. After the event, I would've felt better in an SA helmet, and as a result I'm about to buy one. That, and more and more tracks are making SA mandatory, like AMP will be starting next year.

Originally Posted by 04trailsti View Post
In 2011 they did the club trial which they pretty much let anyone run.
I was there for that... The main difference between that event and this is that last year in July it was SCCA-run using CMP's facilities. Central Carolina Region had an AX one day, and South Carolina Region ran the event the next day. It was a points event for members of each region. I don't remember which region ran the PDX, but IIRC it was the same one for both days. Since it was an SCCA PDX, you could get a signature in your log book to progress to wheel-to-wheel racing. I believe SCCA rules for time trials required verified experience (enough entries in their log book) and the safety requirements were a full suit/helmet and a caged vehicle. That's a big difference from NASA where you can run TT with just the suit/helmet.

With CMP running this event, since it not one of their own group's Turn 1 Motorsports events, things seem to be confusing for people that want to participate, to say the least. No proposed schedule, no helmet/safety requirements posted, no info on transponders, no way to really classify yourself based on the rules for each TT class...
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