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Originally Posted by crobin4 View Post
They may actually do it with the 7163...eventually.
They had P/Ns for the IWG TS 6258 and 6758,too.
I expected that when production ramped up again, that we would see an availability time frame. But that has come and gone by three months.
Sorry if I sound whiney, but I been waiting on the edge of my seat for the 58mm TS IWG for almost exactly a year now since I stumbled on the EFR series.
I immediately recognized what the EFR series represented in turbo technology. I've been perhaps "geeking out" about it ever since.
Imagine what they will be like when they start playing with the compressors again and integrate the mixed flow turbines across the line.
The face of turbo technology will be changed forever...this one of those Audi and World Rally moments. Some just don't see it yet.
For the record, I don't work for nor am I affiliated with BW in anyway.
If I were, I wouldn't be bitching as I would have weasled my way into a prototype TS 6258 or 6758 by now.
I have an email out to BW about TS 58mm housing options, if I get a response and am allowed to talk about it I'll let know.
Seems like we're on the same page. I've been waiting for well over a year for them to release a TS 6758 after seeing the part numbers listed for it. I'm sure a SS 7163 would do the job but really a bit more than I want or need.

I'm ever hopeful that BW will realize that there is a demand for TS B1 turbos and bring them to market sooner rather than later.
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