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Originally Posted by DTECH-WRX View Post
Turns out that my wife and I were looking at an in stock 2013 Forester that matched like 95% of our wish list and was one of our 2 preferred colors, and as I was browsing through dealer inventory a little while ago, low and behold they showed some several new inventory as "In Transit". Of those vehicles, I found a 100% equipment and color match of EXACTLY what we are looking for. I couldn't have found a better match if I ordered it myself! (which I have done twice before) I immediately called my salesman, gave him the VIN and told him to put it on hold for me as I will be in ASAP to give them a deposit.

The vehicle is scheduled to be here the last week of December so looks like I'll be taking advantage of whatever incentive they are offering in December. Santa's sleigh is going to be mighty heavy this year!
Your grammar, punctuation and spelling are well above the average poster's and I suspect your written communication skills are important in your job. Instead of "low" in the highlighted phrase, you probably meant to use "lo" which means "look!" or "see!" and connotes an element of surprise. It's the type of mistake that spell-checkers probably won't catch. The phrase "lo and behold" probably was derived from the King James bible's description of the first Christmas according to Luke:

Merry Christmas!
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