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Originally Posted by sysfailur View Post
Thank you so much sir. I just saw-zaw'ed mine out. Easiest way once I f'ed with it for a while I realized if you disassemble everything, put the sawzaw blade right under the sensor on the backside of the plug and zip it right across. It takes like 3 minutes to get it outta there once I tried that way.

I'm pumped (no pun intended).. I just removed all this stupid crap outta my car a few weeks ago but haven't had time to get the sensor out. Gonna plug it back in, check my atmos reading and clear the codes now.

Thanks again!!! I didn't wanna do the resistor hack.

PS: Installing block off plates with a Tomei up-pipe w/ a 38mm EWG was not an easy task. And I'm leaving the long metal pipe in danging around that runs under the turbo, until I need to remove the turbo for some reason or the intake mani.
Instead of 1) hacking out the pressure sensor and 2) having to deal with passenger line shenanigans (cluster**** dangling sawed lines, stripped engine threads, removal of uppipe, manifold, etc) , just leave the damn valve with sensor in place and block it with the OEM Subaru Tribeca/LGT $3 EGR block-off plate, reconnect the passenger line to the valve with block-off plate between them, advantages:

1) You preserve ability to go back to stock should you decide to sell vehicle as close to original condition.
2) No need to deal with the passenger side bock-off plate, just block the end of the line by installing the plate between the pipe flange and the valve flange.

Finnish by plugging valve inlet with rubber groomet.

Am I missing something here? or people just choose to follow popular convention without stopping and thinking of more elegant and reversible solutions?
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