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OK buy Nates beans


with a light flywheel...a light crank pulley may not be a good idea unless your tuner knows how to alter the tune so it wont throw false misfire codes

forget the intake manifold...but DO port the throttle body and smooth off the plate and the 'axle'....a dremel works great for this....or get a ported tb from grimspeed

get 750 injectors

get the ebc

inspect the oil pick up and replace it if you even think it may be an issue

and get all your exhaust coated...turbo blanket...and wrap the dp!!!!

the proper splitter and a jdm sti scoop are essential for the bugeye if you are gonna keep the tmic!!!!!!
the stock bugeye scoop is almost useless...the jdm sti one is NOT if used with the matching splitter

if you are gonna do water/meth then there is no need for an ic sprayer

i would also get a 'genone' grill as they reduced front end lift on the bugeye was SCARY at speed until i changed the grill and put a lip on it

h6 rear brakes are also one of the BEST EVER bang for the buck mods for the bugeye....boneyard parts can make it a VERY cheap mod that REALLY helps the shockingly weak bugeye brakes, and the h6 mod would be one of the first mods id do to any new to me 2.0 that i would come into posession of, no doubt
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