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Originally Posted by SeeeeeYa View Post
Great exposť of data once again, xluben. And further, great accompanying explanations, especially about the effects of the logging road.

While I lack your vertical numbers, this is the VD-enabled process that has allowed me to flesh out my own Stg2+ tune. By using the same road and VD to first create my tune's consistency, I'm then able to incrementally evaluate the often subtle effects of different variations within my tune. In other words, fine tune. AVCS work is almost impossible without VD, for me.

Interestingly, and again a tribute to VD, somehow all the "numbers" correlate when looking for triangulating data, such as bhp, whp, g/sec, various dyno results etc.
Yeah, if you have a nice smooth road you can definitely use it for fine tuning. Using the exact same stretch of road I'd crucial for consistency.

I posted this in the 50-100mph thread. It is another metric to back up the VD numbers.

Originally Posted by xluben View Post

I took speedo videos for these runs and the 50-100mph times were as follows:

20psi (400WHP Dynojet): 5.4 seconds
24psi (440WHP Dynojet): 4.9 seconds
27psi (480WHP Dynojet): 4.4 seconds

All of the runs were done twice (once in each direction) and the results were identical (peak numbers within 2WHP in Virtual Dyno and 50-100mph times within 0.05 seconds in the videos), so I think the results are pretty solid.

Of course this is just my car, with my powerband, and the runs were done all in 3rd gear. There will be different results once you add in one (or two) shifts, as well as many other factors. So take it with a grain of salt, but I'm just glad to see the VD numbers do seem to go up inline with the 50-100mph times going down.
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