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Hi all, long time member, no real recent posts.

As a "performance driver" as well as a parent of one "legal to drive" kid, I have a sorta unique perspective.

I have to say that I'm, "sorta lucky to survive" my formative years as a new driver. No, I won't expand why. I survived, that's what sorta counts.

I have quite a few years doing:
Track days
Auto cross
Skip Barber 3 day course (at Limerock)
~500K miles driving

Have I bent cars????? Yes, sorry to say.
Have I hurt anyone (beyond a scratch)? Nope.

Have I tried to be a good example to my son (who now drives)? Yes.
Hoping to have cash to send him to a Skip Barber 3 day school next spring. Beyond that, I've tried to show him why to NOT get over his head.

I feel for everyone involved in the original accident. Yes, the parents were "stupid" for buying the STi (like buying a kid a gun but with no training.....sigh).
Yes, the kid was stupid for his driving.

What pisses me off is insurance companies. If I went to my agent and stated, "I have 'x hours' on a track in a controlled envirioment and did a certified 3 day competition course, do I get a discount?"
Likely answer would be, "Oh, you're a racer......we'll add 50% to your insurance premiums!!!!"

The route to fixing some of these issues lie with the parents, part of the rest is with the "kids", the balance is with the others involved (insurance is HEAVILY included here).

I wanted to add multiple responses to this post, but there were too many.

I like the, "It's better to drive a slow car fast" comment. I drive a 1998 Legacy GT wagon. Not anywhere the top of the list for "fast cars" by any standard. But, I'm a diehard roadracer, I like being the underdog. My Legacy is NOT stock. Some here have seen my car against "better cars" on a closed course.

Remember, it's not what the "paperwork" states is the better car, it's how much of the available performance you can use.
You really want to "push the limits", do it on a track. Then, when you "F" up, you hurt the car and maybe yourself. On a public road, you may hurt others that were not involved or willing.

Take my comments for what you will.
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