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I thought I was getting false misfire codes from the flywheel and replaced teh coild packs, checked for air leaks only to find I had a bad #4 injector and washed my cylinder. I dont think the cyl wall got destroyed. Im going to change the injector and see if I can get the compression to come back.

If i have the light crank pully AND the light flywheel.. why would that cause more problems?

I think if my engine ends up being ok, Im going to gasket port match the IM myself. I was thinking of maybe going with a maxbore throttle body bore out. I think it bumps the diameter 8mm. it also includes a new throttle plate.

Why 750's over 650s? I was told that 06/07 wrx injectors or sti pinks (565cc) were plenty, but I was going to use 650's for that little margin of future adjustability. wouldnt the dc on 750's be too low?

EBC... its on my list. was thinking the grimmspeed one is maybe the best one.

I was gonna use the killer b pickup if i can find one for relatively inexpensive. is the windage tray a necessary add on when doing the pick up or just a nice to have?

I am looking into some local powdercoaters for exhaust coating as there would be a lot of stuff getting treated. I can wrap the pipes once I get everything. I have lots of heat wrap.

I saw scoop and splitter combo somewhere and now I cant find the link. I think it was $450 though... grrrrr

I am still reading up more on water meth. my local tuner has had good luck tuning aquamist kits... so that is likely the route i would go if i get one.

i have never heard of that grill. how would a grill and lip prevent lift? isnt that stuff jsut cosmetic?

for the h6 rear convserion, does the booster and mc have to be changed or is the stock stuff enough?
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