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Post WRX pre-release info from down under

Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 17:27:17 +0100
Subject: [iwoc] Further New Age Impreza details 4 door vs 5

Some interesting facts which I have gained before the official launch.
The biggest for me was confirmation that the 5 door body shell is
different to the 4 door by some margin. The 4 door saloon has wider
wheel arches, and a resultant wider track but the 5 door looks more
normal and is not as wide. So there is a definitive different
marketing angle on the saloon being more sporty. Conversely (and
strangely...just going to show we can not predict what these marketing
types are really on) the 5 door gets the more sporty seats and no side
air bags but the 4 door gets seats with less side support and side air
bags! The 5 door also gets something called an umbrella storage rack.

The 5 door also gets a full sized spare whilst the 4 door gets a space

The 4 door gets the flat aerofoil wing.

Both cars now come with proper middle seat belt in the centre rather
than a lap belt. There is also a drop down arm rest on the back seat
too. I seem to remember a ski slot too.

In car entertainment is courtesy of a CD-radio-cassette...yes all
three. It could be double DIN height not sure but it is higher than
standard DIN.

There is an outside temperature gauge.

We might be surprised and pleased by the headlights we'll get.
Although still bugeyed I understand they'll look like the gas
discharge items on the STi but just not gas discharge.

Colours to be available...
Mica red
Deep blue mica
Black (with blue flecks)
Sonic blue

Power is the same. 0-60 is given as the same but then specified as
5.9sec...which was undersold on the outgoing models.

Price? How about 500 pounds more for the turbo than the MY2000 but you
now get 17in wheels, CD player and air conditioning thrown in for

Cars will be out with journalists next week and if you tune into
Driven on Tuesday on Channel 4 the whole 3 min advert break has been
bought by Subaru for the Impreza. Cars are set to being in the
showrooms in November.


ps I forgot to ask about the "bright switch".
pps there is a 3 litre H6 coming soon for the Legacy Outback.
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