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OK buy Nates beans


Originally Posted by stuntwrx View Post
It was the turbo seal failure. Thank god it happened 2700 miles before my powertrain warranty expires.

New turbo under warranty Woo-hoo!! Now I just hope this isnt a "band aid" that will turn into a reoccuring problem after Im out of the warranty period. Hmmmmn.

Uncle Scotty - just wanted to thank you for the added anxiety with your rush to judgement. You need to understand that not all of us hard workinig folks have a fat wallet to comfort them from the thought of catastrophic failures. I had only hope that it wasnt too serious a problem. Im just thankful it was covered and I didnt have to sacrifice my motorcycle to do a rebuild. Next time you thow your $.02 in try reading the entire post instead of just spewing off at the fingertips.
sweetie....ya using the wrong oil in the car and had the issues you had

your engine will almost certainly expiere sooner rather than later.....the turbo failure is just a symptom of the death to come
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