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Originally Posted by stevehnm View Post
Sorry, either you linked to the wrong page or you are imagining things. The link does not say the best speed for mpg is 55-60 - not even the EPA would say that, because cars get better mpg at slower speeds than that. Nor does it say AWD vehicles should get less mpg in the real world than an equally rated 2wd car. If they are rated the same they are rated the same. For example compare the AWD version of another car with the 2WD version of the same car:

e.g. the Chevy Equinox, Auto, 2.4 liter.

Finally, you misread what you quoted.
"EPA ratings are a useful tool for comparing vehicles when car buying"

If that was true, Consumer Reports would not show that cars getting equivalent real world mpg are basically clumped into two groups: The Impreza which gets less than the EPA rated highway mpg for its independent test, and the rest that get more.

way to go, you chopped up my quotation so you can misquote it out of context.

here let me misquote the most important part for you

but they may not
accurately predict the MPG you will get.
and your right, they don't specifically say 55-60mph, they actually say 50mph is the best for fuel economy (and their testing is at an average of 48mph)

or maybe this one for testing
it says they use exhaust emissions to actually measure fuel usage, so on a low emission vehicle the testing will be further flawed than it is.

but still you can achieve 36mpg in your car if you slow down, so you have no case either in court or for warranty purposes.
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