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Originally Posted by JSchell1309 View Post

When I was looking for my car I had a short shopping list of vehicles to test drive in one day. I'm 24 but look to be barely 18. One Mazda dealership had a barely used 2011 Evo GSR that I wanted to drive. The salesman wouldn't even give me the time of day and I had to convince him to let me test drive it. I could tell he just thought I was yanking his chain and wanted to joy ride it. I wan't really impressed with the car and down right pissed at how he treated me.

An hour later I was at a Chevy dealership test driving my soon to be STI. I purchased it that day. Just wish I could have taken a picture of my car and the sticker price and sent it to that first salesmen. Show him that I was serious.
On an unrelated note... I really hate looking 5+ years younger than I am. Someday, looking 5-10 years younger than my age will be awesome (thinking 45 looking 35 or so on). But for right now... getting carded for M rated games... I mean COME ON, I GOTTA look 17.

I'm 23!!! I even had a Walmart employee downright refuse to scan a 6-pack of Mike's Hard Lemonade, threatening that if I didn't stop arguing with him, he would call the police about my fake ID. Needless to say, that's part of why I avoid Walmart at all costs, since Meijer is so much more common in Michigan.

Back on topic(ish), that Mazda salesman can go suck it. I'm thankful that for the most part dealerships have always treated me with respect, giving me the benefit of the doubt. When I DID stop in to close on my '11 WRX though, the guy kinda gawked at me being 23 (most of my pre-interactions were over the phone, and my test drive was with a different salesman). But I mean, THAT'S the time to maybe mention age as a side topic making small talk - not to make predetermined judgments...

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