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Originally Posted by aschen View Post
As far as I can tell his bad rep comes from his viper schenanegens many years ago and compounded by things like +1million venom which should probably be closer to 300k.
Just for reference, I am not sihtting on just you, I just hate when people don't take everything into account when they have an opinion.

John Hennessey is a great guy. He has apologized for his mistakes in the past and he has corrected his mistakes.

He doesn't owe a single person money anymore, he is a self admitted hot head, but this company is his baby, so don't tell me you wouldn't stick up for yourself.

All of the Viper stuff happened OVER 10 YEARS AGO! His company has grown tenfold since. What happened was that he was a small mom and pop shop and the company grew larger than he could handle and he found himself in BIG trouble. He now has all the right people in the right places to make sure that doesn't happen again.

As for his Venom GT, the reason it costs so much is because the cost of development is massive.

Most people look and say that I can stretch a Lotus and throw in an LS9 and TT it for MUCH less...but that isn't the case.

If you ACTUALLY see the car in person, the only thing that this car shares with a Lotus is the cabin, and this is because the cost to develop an interior is many millions of dollars, and John Hennessey does not car about that. He wants to go fast.

The entire body is longer, wider, stronger than a Lotus. It just RESEMBLES a Lotus. The motor is the obvious beauty of this car, but the reason he used this is because this motor will take that kind of power all day long.

The car is also a very low production model, so the development costs skyrocket compared to a Corvette where they are sold in the tens of thousands.

Even I cannot talk siht about this car because I have not personally ridden in one. No one can talk siht because they have NO CLUE. This car is disgustingly fast, and anyone who has driven/ridden in one, was absolutely speachless. Partly because you cannot describe the savage acceleration, and partly because that sort of acceleration can only be beaten by a drag car, so you are pretty hard pressed to breath let alone speak.
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