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Originally Posted by stevehnm View Post
Yep, right there it says: "the EPA ratings are a useful tool for comparing the fuel economies of different vehicles".
wow, just wow. you are an expert at takings things completely out of context and not reading everything.

Why Does Fuel Economy Vary?

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EPA has improved its methods for estimating fuel economy, but your mileage will still vary.

EPA tests are designed to reflect "typical" driving conditions and driver behavior, but several factors can affect MPG significantly:

How & Where You Drive
Vehicle Condition & Maintenance
Fuel Variations
Vehicle Variations
Engine Break-In
Therefore, the EPA ratings are a useful tool for comparing the fuel economies of different vehicles but may not accurately predict the average MPG you will get.

To find out what you can do to improve the fuel economy of your car, see Driving More Efficiently and Keeping Your Car in Shape.
there i quoted the entire page for you, you picked one tiny sentence that means absolute **** when not read in context.

and here is the numbers off fuelly, their averages beat even consumer reports testing. but that won't matter to you because it does not support your conspiracy theories

and here is consumer reports mpg complaints about the impreza

The Impreza’s gas mileage is impressive for an AWD car, but the CVT was overly aggressive with engine braking when going downhill and often held engine revs too high, resulting in added engine noise.
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