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Originally Posted by arsa13 View Post
Subaru already admitted to massive delays earlier this month. (see for the quote.) I'm not saying its fair to you or anyone else, but you're in for a wait if you don't find your car on the lot of ANY dealer. From my experience I'd expect you to get your vin within 1-3 weeks, and your car shortly after. I'd say you'll probably have it before Christmas. Hang in there if you can. I was VERY frustrated as well, and my persistence has paid off. I kept contacting the dealer, and/or SoA pretty much daily until I got a vin. In the meantime I also got SoA to agree to give me a $500 credit. I'd see if they can swing the same for you. It may not be worth it for everyone to put up with the wait on an order, but that is the current reality of ALL custom ordered Subarus right now.

Good luck to all still waiting!
I'm almost at 4 months waiting with my car still on hold. The free credits and other stuff they are offering is nice, but not knowing a time-frame is frustrating. The fact that I was one of the first to order and because my dealer reached their allotment and I will have to wait until they are allowed more is ridiculous. So in the mean time I am just researching other options cuz even when I do get this car I might have a bad taste for it from all this. So far the only other option I can think of might be a 2014 Mazda 6. Dealers are supposed to be getting them in January and while its a fwd after driving a CX-5 I really liked the way they drive. The Mazda 3 would be an option for me if it wasn't so small and ugly. I'm waiting for the LA Auto show (29th-30th of November) that will show the new and up coming cars. While I hope the Impreza comes in and makes me happy, this whole experience of buying a new car has left me disappointed, frustrated and annoyed. I feel like my order was dropped off in a deep dark hole and no one really cares about it, not to mention SoA themselves cannot help or give specific answers to my questions. Again hopefully this changes but as we near December and I was told a October delivery date, then a November date, and now a possible December date I can't help get the feeling I'm being strung along.

/rant lol
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