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Originally Posted by aschen View Post
Like I said before, he made mistakes (crimes even). Perhaps a long time ago but some people will not forgive him. I Dont care at all, but their badmouthing is not with out basis.

I know there is a ton of fab and engineering in the venom, that why I said 300k. It still uses the lotus tub, hvac, windshield, and a bunch of other parts that are difficult to engineer. It is not a ground up car, though is is heavily engineered. There is not as much engineering as say a pagani. Its not up to me to price the car but I know 1 mil is ridiculous. A reasonable offset from recent history would be a saleen s7.
John Hennessey was never convicted of any crimes. It is a common misconception, but he paid every dollar he owed plus interest. It is just as bad as someone losing their job and cannot afford to pay for things. So you go into debt but clear it up once you have the means.

He is not trying to go up against Pagani in quality, all he cares about it speed and he murders everyone with it. Pagani's also will likely cost $1.5-2 million once them come over here. So you cannot compare because the Pagani isn't as fast, but wasn't built for the same reason.

The car probably costs him $600-700,000 to build. But this is business, why would you build something and not make money off of it? The car is not a ground up, but he never said it was. He takes pride in what he has done. He also admits that the car IS a kit car essentially because you have to register it as a Lotus, but who honestly cares about this?

What people care about when they are shopping for a car like this is something that will scare the **** out of them and be exclusive.
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